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SAP Business One Vs Cordis Business MS

A management system is specially curated to streamline operations and automate managerial procedures to reduce the complexity of giant projects while encouraging the entire team’s collaboration, interactions, and reporting. 

Management is a larger term that refers to many kinds of software and solutions tailored to handle special management processes.

A management information system is supposed to cater to employees of the organization as well as the resources and schedule collaborative plus managerial tasks. Small business software features entirely depend on the type of management the organization wishes to target. Reliable software is such that it tends to look after all the resources that are required within the projects that include financial and people power. This also helps to clarify the tasks, their real-time statuses, and their deadlines. Store all information and documents and ensure data backup. 

Let’s discuss their features and functionalities in different aspects.

SAP Business One VS Cordis Business MS

Below we will draw a comparison between SAP Business One and Cordis Business MS on the basis of their common existing features; 

1. Invoicing & Billing

SAP Business One: The SAP program generates automated bills, orders delivery, contracts, or time and resources. Send quotes to your clients and professional invoices in just one click, keep automated emails in PDF form in your database, and get paid faster than ever.

Cordis Business MS: The Cordis business management software creates professional invoices, uses customized templates, adds company logos for invoicing, builds trust with customers, multi-lingual billing and multiple currency bills, and automates recurring invoices on schedule.

2. Customer Relationship Management

SAP Business One: The SAP business one software helps to store all the critical data of each customer in one place separately, synchronizing all the data together while it also manages their respective customers’ contact in the database for later use. 

Cordis Business MS: With excellent Cordis business management software, you can connect with the customers for their precious feedback on their orders, tasks, and invoices, and their experience throughout dealings in the past until present with the company can help them enhance their weak areas and strive to cater to their consumers on an everyday basis.

3. Sales & Purchase 

SAP Business One: The sales process in SAP one begins with issuing a sales quote for the goods that need to be sold, delivering those goods and sending the invoices to the customers. Documents are involved at each step as they move ahead.

Cordis Business MS: Create automated and customized invoices with sales receipts for each, quote your prices in the invoice separately, manage entire costs from a centralized dashboard, work in multiple currencies, and reconcile bank accounts and cash books.

4. Multi-Channel Management

SAP Business One:  Enables your store sales data originating via different platforms through a central location, this helps you to take an overview of your entire business on all the channels. Transactional information coming via point of sale is available in a single repository.

Cordis Business MS: Track payments coming through different channels, currencies, and platforms. Make business dealing easier, and receive payments instantly from any part of the world across different payment gateways through business software.

5. Inventory Management

SAP Business One: Track inventory in real-time and get a view of real-time inventory levels, stock products before it reaches the minimum inventory level, control inventory tasks, and manage operations of receiving, transferring, data entry, etc through ERP software.

Cordis Business MS: Track each and every move from holding stock, predicting sales, making inventory reports and declaring real-time inventory, identifying bottlenecks and controlling them, and managing stock material to reduce warehouse costs with bi software.

6. Accounting Management

SAP Business One: SAP business one helps with financial planning, bank settlements, reporting journal entries, parked documents, posting different templates, standing bookings, cancellations on bookings, exchange rate differences, and financial reports templates.

Cordis Business MS: Manage the cash flow of your organization, cloud-based software, make journal entries, reporting, KPIs, accounts payable, etc. The accounting management works with different financial templates ensuring financial layouts etc., with business software.

7. Purchase Management

SAP Business One: The SAP program helps with procurement processes overview, purchasing products or raw materials, key master data in purchasing, inventory and accounting effects, streamlined procurement operations, etc all being done by SAP business one.

Cordis Business MS: Ensure your resources never go to waste, foresee your buyer’s demands prior, track all your purchase requests with past purchase orders in real-time, and handle vendors to comply with quality standards through business intelligence software.

ConclusionSAP Business one and Cordis Business MS have a credible history of satisfied customers; both cater to all types of industries and have come a long way in all these years. However, the choice entirely remains on the customers as to their needs since their features slightly differ from each other, yet they’re an asset to the company.


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